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Candidate Name _____________________________________________________________

Office Sought ________________________________District _________________________

Are you a registered Democrat in the State of Florida? ______

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Campaign Mailing Address _____________________________________________________


Have you run for elected office prior to this race? Please give details_____________________



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Do/did you have a Primary Race? If yes, give date __________________________________

Who is/was your Primary opponent?_____________________________________________

If you are running in a non-partisan race, are there other registered Democrats vying for this seat?

_________ If so, have you received the endorsement of your local DWC? ___________

                               (Please provide document/letter from DWC President)

Additionally, if in a non-partisan race, have you confirmed with local authorities that you can

accept PAC/PC monies? (some municipalities do not allow) ______Yes

What is the date of your General Election? ________________________________________


What is the last date to file for this race? _________________________________________

Have you qualified? __________By Petition? # ___________ By Filing Fees? $_____________

Please give a summary of your political activity and involvement over the past 10 years.

Include any committees, civic groups, campaigns, training or conventions you have

participated in or attended.










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I am seeking the endorsement of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc. (DWCF). I have

completed the Candidate Survey and have reviewed the DWCF Platform.(DWCF PLATFORM). If elected, I will support these principles.

I understand that this is not a guarantee of financial support, but rather a request for resources, statewide recognition, and volunteer services from DWCF. I also agree that if any information included with my request should change, I will notify the Chair of the Campaign Screening Committee immediately.


____________________________________________________________________________________Candidate signature                                                                                                       DATE


                                           2020 Democratic Women’s Club of Florida Candidate Survey

The Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc. Candidate Survey will be used to assist us in selecting candidates for endorsement and support in their election bid. The questions are based on the platform of the DWCF (DWCF PLATFORM) and cover issues that are important to all women.

Please check YES or NO and add any comments that will help make your statemen clear.


Reproductive Justice/Women’s Rights

  1. Do you support the ability of a woman to control her reproductive health?              YES__NO__

  2. Will you oppose any law that requires a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can obtain an abortion?                                                                                                                            YES__NO__

  3. Do you support the availability of contraceptives and medically accurate information, so women can make informed decisions about their medical care?                                                    YES__ NO__

  4. Will you oppose any efforts to restrict funding for Planned Parenthood?                 YES__ NO__



5. Title IX, is the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, requires fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, and protects students from bullying and sexual harassment. Do you feel more needs to be done to eliminate bullying, and will you support efforts to reduce harassment and bullying?                                                                                                                                   YES__NO__


                                                                                                                                                        Page 3 of 5

6. Do you support providing high quality public education to all children, Pre-K thru 12th grade, to include     STEM fields, as well as the Arts, Physical Education and ESE programs?                     YES__NO__

7. Will you oppose tax dollars to be used for construction and maintenance of for-profit charter and private schools, including the use of vouchers for school tuition?                                                 YES__ NO___



8. Do you support strong environmental regulations for air, water, and land; including the Everglades,             aquifers, coastlines, springs and waterways, and wildlife?                                           YES__ NO__

9. What is your stand on hydraulic fracturing, “fracking,” and would you oppose its use within the State of     Florida or in waters adjacent to the State?                                                                     YES__ NO__

10.Will you support and reinforce the voice of the people in fully funding the Florida Land & Water

      initiative?                                                                                                                           YES__NO__

Equal Rights/Discrimination


11.Will you support ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment?                                    YES___NO__

12.Do you support Equal Pay for Equal Work, including the Paycheck Fairness Act?      YES__ NO__

13. Will you commit to diversifying your campaign staff, and if elected, diversifying your office staff?                                                                                                                                                              YES__ NO__

14.Will you commit to seeking ways to advance diversity while in office?                       YES__ NO__

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

15.Women are disproportionately in need of these benefits. Will you support maintaining these programs        to ensure funding remains viable for those in need?                                                       YES__ NO__

16. What are your thoughts on removing the wage cap on social security earnings to increase its stability?       Will you support removing the cap?                                                                                 YES__ NO__

17. Will you support Medicaid Expansion?                                                                             YES___NO___



18. Females in the military should be given full access to medical treatment and legal counsel when subjected to rape. Will you support prosecution of those who commit rape?                  YES__NO___


                                                                                                                                                   Page 4 of 5

19. Females in the military who have been subject to sexual harassment or rape should be allowed to go outside the military chain of command for legal remedy.    Will you support this?         YES__ NO__


Poverty, Work and the Economy

20. Poverty is a women’s issue. Do you support increasing the minimum wage, and if so, to what level?                                                                                                                                     YES___NO___ $ ______/hr.

21. Would you support efforts to pass a living wage rather than a minimum wage, and if so, to what level?                                                                                                                                YES___NO___$______/hr.

22. Do you support a policy that provides paid sick leave?                                                YES___NO___



23. Gun violence has increased dramatically in the U.S. Do you agree that there should be tighter
      controls on gun ownership in this country?                                                                   YES___ NO___

24. What is your stance on gun safety policies you support/oppose?____________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________


Voter Suppression

25. Will you support all measures to overturn voter suppression laws?                          YES__ NO__


Criminal Justice

26. What changes to the criminal justice system would you lobby to change that might reduce the mass           incarcerations we see today?            _________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

27. Will you accept campaign donations from private prison companies, PACs and/or lobbyists associated         with private prisons?                                                                                                        YES___ NO___

Additionally, please submit a letter of recommendation from a chartered DWCF Club or Region    (LOCAL CLUBS).

Revised February 9, 2021


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