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This platform was created to promote and expand access, advocacy and awareness of the mission and values of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc. We seek to involve women in the political process and to encourage and guide candidates as they focus on Democratic values in the State of Florida and across the nation.

 Section I: Civil Rights and Freedoms 

FLORIDA and NATIONAL: 1. We support strengthening protections against all forms of discrimination, including racial, religious, ethnic, gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation. 2. We support the right of all cultures to dignity, self-determination, sovereignty, customs and native languages. 3. We support efforts to combat human trafficking. 4. We support workplace initiatives outlined in the Healthy Families Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. 5. We oppose efforts to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 6. We support the principle of religious liberty. 7. We support strategies to prevent gender-based violence. 8. We oppose cuts to Medicaid that would reduce services to low-income families and to people with disabilities. 9. We support the right to vote and to have every vote counted, and we declare both to be essential American freedoms. 10. We support removal of all Confederate statues and any other commemorations of the confederacy from public spaces. 11. We support independent living for those with disabilities, as opposed to being placed in nursing homes or institutions. 12. We support disability policies and programs to be designed and implemented by people who really understand the needs and priorities of those with disabilities. 13. We oppose sub-minimum wages for those with disabilities to ensure financial security, and freedom to earn more when working. 14. We support nation-wide mandatory training for all law enforcement on dealing with those with disabilities. 15. We support Supportive Decision-Making Legislation as opposed to Legal Guardianship, when feasible. 16. We support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

 Section II: Women’s Rights 

FLORIDA: 1. We support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. 2. We support full reproductive rights and oppose all state measures to chop away at Roe v. Wade.

NATIONAL: 1. We support building partnerships for women’s political and economic participation in all levels of commerce and governance. 2. We support reauthorizing and strengthening the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). 3. We support Planned Parenthood and we oppose all efforts to defund it. 4. We support the ratification of the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. 5. We support expanding training for women in law enforcement, science, mathematics, and all nontraditional vocations.

 Section III: Voting Rights 

FLORIDA: 1. We support transparency in voting processes and voter education. 2. We support the restoration of voting rights to persons with felony convictions. 3. We support fair districting to eliminate gerrymandering.

NATIONAL: 1. We support the Voting Rights Advancement Act for Voting Equality. 2. We oppose laws that place unnecessary restrictions on those seeking to exercise their right to vote. 3. We oppose the use of political motives to disenfranchise American citizens.

 Section IV: LGBTQA+ Rights 

FLORIDA: 1. We support enactment of state statutes that protect persons who identify as LGBTQA+ from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. 2. We support the Florida Workforce Improvement Act.

NATIONAL: 1. We support the enactment of the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). 2. We support the Respect for Marriage Act and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). 3. We oppose efforts to criminalize homosexual conduct or ignore abuse. 4. We support the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming that same-sex marriage is legal in all states and that same-sex couples be afforded the same respect and responsibilities as other married couples. 5. We support efforts to combat gender discrimination in the workplace. 6. We support the right for persons who identify as transgender to use public facilities of their choosing.

 Section V: Economy 

FLORIDA: 1. We support Florida’s Promise Neighbors’ comprehensive approach to fighting poverty and creating a pathway to economic stability. 2. We support raising the minimum wage from $8.05 to at least $15 per hour. 3. We support the Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act.

NATIONAL: 1. We support the expansion of the earned income tax credit, the child tax credit, unemployment insurance, and food stamps, all of which kept seven million families out of poverty and provided financial relief for 32 million more. 2. We support the Healthy Families Act and broadening the Family and Medical Leave Act. 3. We support a woman’s right to equal pay for the same work as men, and the strengthening of equal pay laws, including the Paycheck Fairness Act. 4. We support the right of seniors to get equal pay and benefits. 5. We support economic development in minority neighborhoods and on Native American reservations faced with poverty, unemployment and serious social issues.

 Section VI: Education 

FLORIDA: 1. We support closing the achievement gap in Florida’s schools and ensuring that children in every neighborhood benefit from high-quality educational opportunities. 2. We support an increase in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs, as well as art, music and physical education. 3. We support measures that ensure Florida students are afforded equitable and inclusive education sensitive to all cultures, genders, and abilities. 4. We oppose the use of public tax dollars for the construction and maintenance of for-profit charter and private schools and the use of vouchers for school tuition. 5. We support comprehensive objective evaluation of each teacher’s performance. 6. We support every teacher’s right to maintain union membership. 7. We oppose high-stakes testing and support teaching/learning time over training for tests. 8. We support evidence-based and age-appropriate sex education.

NATIONAL: 1. We support laws that provide students with disabilities appropriate accommodations and individualized educational plans (IEP) in the least restrictive environment. 2. We support the enforcement of Title IX, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education. 3. We support free and public pre-kindergarten for all children. 4. We oppose the implementation of Common Core standards without prior input from parents and teachers, appropriate field testing, and an intact process for review. 5. We support the development of community colleges. 6. We support making college affordable to students from all backgrounds, and federal student loans with payments not to exceed 10 percent of income. 7. We support efforts that address sexual assaults occurring on campuses. 8. We support increasing school construction, as well as programs that improve curriculum and technology.

 Section VII: Environment 

FLORIDA: 1. We support preserving and restoring habitats for wildlife and at-risk species. 2. We support the allocation of funds for the purchase of land preservation, including the Florida Everglades. 3. We support the full enforcement and funding of the Land and Water Legacy, Florida Amendment 1. 4. We support the preservation of Florida’s Native American lands. 5. We support a statewide ban on fracking. 6. We oppose near or offshore drilling for mineral resources. 7. We support affordable solar, wind and non-fossil fuel means of energy. 8. We support funding for preservation of Florida’s water aquifer. 9. We support funding for mitigation of Sea Level Rise.

NATIONAL: 1. We support efforts to deal with the real and measurable effects of global climate changes, including construction of resilient ecosystems. 2. We support protecting national resources while creating jobs. 3. We support investing in clean energy and protecting our air, land and water. 4. We support saving funds on energy costs, developing sustainable energy sources, andpromoting the safe and responsible use of resources.

 Section VIII: Healthcare 

FLORIDA: We oppose the resistance of Florida’s legislators and Governor to enact the Affordable Care Act. 1. We support women’s access to contraception in their health plans and oppose Florida’s challenges to contraceptive coverage. 2. We oppose any anti-choice agenda in Florida. 3. We support an amendment to the Florida Constitution to allow medical use of marijuana.

NATIONAL: 1. We support the Supreme Court’s decision affirming the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and all its provisions. 2. We support Roe v. Wade as a protection to ensure further advancements of women’s reproductive, maternal health and a woman’s right to choose. 3. We oppose the federal government’s efforts to increase restrictions on abortion. 4. We support the implementation of the President’s national AIDS strategy that significantly reduces the number of HIV infections through early detection. 5. We support the continued funding of the Ryan White Care Act to provide critical ambulatory medical and other needed services for HIV patients. 6. We support Medicaid expansion, the strengthening of Medicare, and efforts to eliminate fraud in these programs. 7. We support reducing unintended pregnancies, promoting maternal and child health, and reducing the need for abortion. 8. We support a consistent nationwide policy of family and personal sick leave. 9. We support transgender-related treatment in state and federal government funded health care plans.

 Section IX: Immigration Reform 

NATIONAL: 1. We support long-term immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. 2. We oppose elimination of birthright citizenship and efforts to deport non-criminal immigrants. 3. We support the immigration and integration of refugees and other disaster-affected individuals. 4. We support the re-authorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. 5. We support the President’s constitutional authorization to take action on immigration until Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform. 6. We oppose walls along borders of the United States and Mexico. 7. We oppose arbitrary and harsh internment of refugees coming into the United States. 8. We oppose separation of children from their parents and family members at any time when refugees migrate to the United States.

 Section X: Military – Active Duty and Veterans 

NATIONAL: We support our troops, military families and veterans. 1. We support expeditious and appropriate care for military personnel for physical and mental conditions. 2. We support community re-entry assistance and life-long comprehensive care for veterans. 3. We support the decision to lift the ban on women serving in combat, allowing women the most viable path to upward mobility and better jobs. 4. We support the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault of service members, and policies granting insurance coverage for abortions resulting from the rape of a service member. 5. We support demands that female veterans have full access and early care and treatment for female-related conditions. 6. We support public policy that ensures that service members and their dependents can obtain abortions in a military medical facility. 7. We support programs that address special issues that will help women veterans succeed in community, home, and educational and vocational settings. 8. We support military families, both Blue Star and Gold Star, in efforts to ensure that their benefits keep pace with others receiving state and federal benefits. 9. We support activities that ensure that the memories of the Fallen are treated with respectand compassion such sacrifice deserves.

 Section XI: Safety and Quality of Life 

FLORIDA: 1. We support investing in community-based law enforcement programs to end the dangerous cycle of youth violence. 2. We support efforts to diminish the disproportionate effects of crime, violence, and incarceration in minority communities and working with these communities to find viable solutions. 3. We support policies that ensure the safety and protection of workers from dangerous exposures and chemicals. 4. We support efforts to increase the emotional and physical safety of seniors where they live, whether at home or a with a home agency. 5. We oppose racial profiling by Law Enforcement and unnecessary and harsh treatment in all Law Enforcement practices. 6. We support comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services during incarceration and vocational placement support upon release of those incarcerated.

NATIONAL: 1. We support gun violence prevention and believe the right to own firearms is subject to reasonable regulations. 2. We support background checks for all gun sales, closing the gun show loophole, stronger assault weapons regulations, and limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds. 3. We oppose allowing guns in schools, including on college campuses. 1. We oppose efforts to cut Social Security benefits and we support removing the cap on Social Security earnings to increase its stability. 2. We support the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and all subsequent animal protection laws, including those prohibiting animal fighting exhibitions. 3. We support efforts to recognize and rectify inequalities in our criminal justice system. 4. We support efforts to ensure that defendants have effective assistance of counsel, and that DNA testing is conducted when appropriate and in a timely way. 5. We support the Fair Sentencing Act, which reduces racial disparities in sentencing for drug crimes. 6. We support nominations and confirmations of judges who are people of unquestionable talent and character and demonstrate faithfulness to our laws. 7. We oppose misinformation about COVID 19 and other infectious or contagious diseases on all media outlets including social media. 8. We oppose threats of bodily harm of others expressed on social media.


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