Legislative Issues

LegNotesGetting involved with the Florida legislative process is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enact change! And there are many ways to get involved, too. From traveling to Tallahassee during committee week or the 60-day legislative session, attending DWCF’s Tally Days in March, calling your elected official or sending them an email or mail correspondence about specific bills or issues, to visiting with them in-district or talking to them during a local event are simple and effective ways to make your voice heard on important issues facing women.

DWCF members receive Legislative Alerts and Updates via email that contain important information and breaking news about current issues and events. We’ll keep you informed, and make it easy for you to contact your representatives – with a simple click or phone call.
It’s easy to make a difference as a member of DWCF.

It’s EASY To Make A Difference!

During committee weeks and Legislative Session we’ll be sending alerts to DWCF members on specific pieces of legislation and will ask you to take action. That could be as simple as calling your elected official to co-sponsor a bill, or contacting members of a committee to support or oppose legislation, or even calling on the Speaker of the House, the Senate President or the Governor to stop bad bills. We’ll need your help to make a real difference this coming session, so be on alert for ways you can take action! And thanks in advance for being a voice for change in Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Florida Legislature:

The Florida House of Representatives is comprised of 120 members, while the Florida Senate is comprised of just 40 members. Members of the Florida House can serve up to four consecutive 2-year terms, while member of the Florida Senate can serve up to two consecutive 4-year terms. Members may serve an extended term if they are elected in a special election or immediately following the redistricting process (every 10 years).

The constitution requires that the Florida Legislature balance a budget each fiscal year. This is the only bill that the legislature is required to pass each session, with the exception of redistricting maps every ten years.

Members of the Florida House are restricted to filing six bills per session (with minor exceptions of local bills, resolutions, memorials, etc.) while the Senate may file unlimited bills.

Contact Your Representatives

A complete list of Florida House Members can be found by clicking here: Florida House Members

A complete list of Florida Senate Members can be found by clicking here: Florida Senators

If you would like to monitor specific legislation 
click here for House Bills: Florida House Bills
or for Senate Bills click here: Florida Senate Bills